Robert Pattinson Opens Up: Admits Feeling Disconnected from His Films Post-Completion


Robert Pattinson recently discussed his post-film emotions, shedding light on his detachment from completed projects and the anxiety that precedes new roles. In a conversation with co-star Barry Keoghan for Wonderland magazine, Pattinson shared his evolving feelings towards completed films.

Initially struggling to watch himself on-screen, Pattinson now feels a certain disconnect after wrapping up a project, emphasizing it’s not necessarily negative but rather an emotional distancing. He expressed feeling drained once a movie is finished, stating, “Once it’s done, I’m done.”

Keoghan contributed to the conversation, highlighting his endeavor to maintain consistent energy from the first to the last day of filming, aiming to sustain the same level of commitment throughout.


Discussing his feelings at the start of a new project, Pattinson mentioned feeling a heightened nervousness when he doesn’t experience nervousness. He confessed to experiencing a mix of apprehension and excitement, describing the feeling of embarking on a new project as starting from scratch, viewing each new role as a significant challenge to conquer.

The actors pondered on the potential risks of becoming too familiar with their craft, fearing that a sense of familiarity might lead to a loss of spontaneity and creativity. Pattinson highlighted the unpredictability of audience reception, mentioning the challenge of reinventing oneself after something previously lauded might not resonate in the future.

In a separate conversation earlier in September, Pattinson unveiled his deep-seated fear of not fully committing to a role, acknowledging the self-imposed pressure and fear of criticism, regardless of external factors that may impact a project.

Throughout these discussions, Pattinson revealed his complex relationship with his craft, encompassing a mix of emotions, from anxiety and detachment to the constant pursuit of authenticity and reinvention in his work.