Robert De Niro Claims Gotham Awards Speech Censored: Alleges Removal of Anti-Trump Remarks Without Warning


During Monday night’s live Gotham Awards ceremony, Robert De Niro expressed bewilderment, asserting that portions of his speech had been censored without his knowledge. The actor revealed that certain anti-Trump remarks he intended to deliver were unexpectedly removed.

Addressing the audience, De Niro initially paused, acknowledging an error and indicating a desire to revisit the issue. He reiterated his sentiments: “There was a mistake here. I’ll continue. Just keep scrolling.”

Returning to his earlier point, De Niro expressed frustration, stating, “I want to highlight that the start of my speech was edited out without my awareness. History no longer remains fixed; truth is being questioned, and even established facts are being replaced by alternative narratives driven by conspiracy theories and divisiveness.”


Continuing with his unedited speech, he drew attention to educational misrepresentations, citing an example from Florida where students are taught that enslaved individuals acquired skills benefiting themselves. He expanded on the pervasive influence of this issue within the entertainment industry, referencing John Wayne’s controversial views on Native Americans as an illustration of historical misjudgments.

De Niro strongly condemned the normalization of falsehoods, particularly in politics, underscoring his point with staggering statistics on falsehoods attributed to the former President during his tenure. He criticized the current administration’s continuation of deceit while highlighting their actions that he deemed disrespectful, such as using derogatory language like ‘Pocahontas’.

The actor observed a significant cut in his speech, acknowledging the deletion of these remarks, expressing frustration at the interference: “I noticed they edited out this part.” He concluded his speech by thanking Apple and seemingly expressing dissatisfaction with the Gotham Awards’ handling of the situation: “Regarding Gotham, there’s gratitude, but I find it hard to thank them for what they did. Their actions were unacceptable. Nevertheless, I’ll transition now to accepting the award for ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’…”

De Niro’s presence at the event was in connection with ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ where he was on hand to introduce the Gotham Historical Icon and Creator Tribute award on behalf of the film.