Ridley Scott teases with extended version of Napoleon on Apple TV+; reveals new scenes and time-run for OTT


Ridley Scott’s historical epic ‘Napoleon’ is currently in theatres, which stars Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor, and Vanessa Kirby as wife Josephine. The theatre version of the movie has runtime of 2 and half hours. Scott is also preparing for an extended cut which will be released on Apple TV+ next year “but would be too fat for cinema,” he says.

The Oscar winning director describes the movie which is currently running as a “bum ache factor.” He explains that “when audience is sitting there, there’s a moment where they go, ‘Jesus, is it going to be an hour and half before we have that Japanese dinner? I’m exhausted’. You don’t want that to happen.”

If the scene is not a part of an engine, it really shouldn’t be there, says Scott.


One of the most important sequence that will make the extended cut is when Josephine is found in prison during the Reign of Terror – she was arrested soon after her first husband, who was later beheaded – and choosing to cut her hair.

The movie is backed by Apple Original Films and Sony and is performing better than expected on the Thanksgiving Box Office collection, giving tough competition to Disney’s Wish.