Ridley Scott had this major problem with Blade Runner movie


Ridley Scott is renowned for his unfiltered honesty during interviews and press tours, a trait that has only become more pronounced as he has aged. The year 2017 marked a significant period for Scott, with the release of “Alien Covenant,” the tumultuous production of “All the Money in the World,” and the long-awaited sequel to his iconic 1982 science fiction masterpiece, “Blade Runner.”

Scott’s reputation for rapid filmmaking was exemplified during the production of “All the Money in the World,” where he executed extensive reshoots with Christopher Plummer within a mere nine days, showcasing his ability to work under intense pressure.

In a candid interview with Vulture in 2017, Scott expressed his perplexity at the prolonged duration of film productions by others, asserting, “They shouldn’t [take that long], that’s why I do two a year.” He highlighted the efficiency of his own work, citing the completion of the complex film “Alien: Covenant” in just 73 days, a feat that typically requires 130 days. His productivity remained evident with the release of both “The Last Duel” and “House of Gucci” in 2021.


Addressing Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049,” a film praised by critics but lacking in commercial success, Scott didn’t mince his words. He criticized the film’s lengthy runtime, remarking, “It was fucking way too long. Fuck me!” He even claimed a significant role in its scriptwriting, displaying a newfound disregard for any constraints in his interview discourse.

The financial dynamics of “Blade Runner 2049” underscored the challenges faced by ambitious cinematic projects. With a reported production budget of $150-$185 million and a box office revenue of $265 million, the film struggled to turn a significant profit, particularly when accounting for marketing and distribution expenses.