RHOA Star Kim Zolciak’s Revealed Cosmetic Procedures She Admits to Getting


TV personality and entrepreneur Kim Zolciak has been in the spotlight for a myriad of reasons, from alleged domestic issues with her estranged husband Kroy Biermann to financial concerns and her recent venture into laser vaginal rejuvenation. In an Instagram video, the “Tardy for the Party” singer candidly shared her motivation for the non-surgical procedure, citing the effects of childbirth on her body, causing urinary incontinence when exercising or sneezing.

Zolciak, no stranger to cosmetic enhancements, has been open about her willingness to undergo various procedures. In a 2016 interview with E! News, she expressed her readiness to opt for cosmetic enhancements when necessary, embracing the philosophy of making the most out of life.

Her history of cosmetic procedures includes multiple breast augmentations, a tummy tuck post-twins, Botox injections, lip augmentations using filler, and Ultherapy, among others. Following the births of her six children, she underwent a tummy tuck to address a hernia, simultaneously achieving a tightened midsection, as she revealed in a 2015 Instagram post.


Additionally, Zolciak underwent breast augmentation, this time choosing to “downsize a little” while seeking a more youthful appearance, courtesy of renowned surgeon Lenny Hochstein. The procedure included a breast lift, prompting her to praise Hochstein’s expertise and the remarkable results on her podcast “House of Kim” in July 2018.

Beyond surgical interventions, Zolciak embraces non-invasive cosmetic treatments. In 2016, she unveiled a more defined jawline, achieved through Ultherapy, a non-surgical skin tightening procedure, albeit admitting it was slightly uncomfortable despite the assistance of numbing cream.

Facial alterations for Zolciak extend beyond jawline transformations. She disclosed undergoing lip enhancements using fillers and regularly indulging in Botox injections, primarily for migraine relief. However, she recognized when cosmetic procedures went too far, sharing with Us Weekly in 2020 that excessive lip fillers affected her smile and led her to dissolve them gradually, opting for a more conservative approach.

Reflecting on the process, Zolciak emphasized the need for patience due to her use of blood thinners, highlighting the dissolving and refilling of the lip fillers without bruising as a notable experience in her cosmetic journey.

Zolciak’s openness about her cosmetic enhancements sheds light on the ever-evolving choices and considerations individuals make in their pursuit of aesthetic transformations.