RHOA: Drew Sidora and Ty Young’s Relationship Rumours


Since joining “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in Season 13, Drew Sidora has found herself at the center of considerable drama, particularly concerning her relationship with her now-estranged husband, Ralph Pittman. Viewers witnessed the turbulence in their marriage, exacerbated when Pittman unexpectedly disappeared from their shared home for three days without a trace. Their union faced another hurdle when rumours circulated about a possible kiss between Sidora and fellow castmate LaToya Howard during Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party, an allegation vehemently denied by the “Step Up” actor.

The onset of Season 15 showed Sidora and Pittman in a more positive place, but talk emerged of Sidora sharing a kiss with a different woman, this time with Ty Young. Sheree Whitfield mentioned, “She was cheating with a well-known basketball player. That’s what the streets are saying.” When queried about Young’s connection to Sidora, she coyly responded, “I don’t know what I can say and not say.” Sidora and Pittman subsequently filed for divorce in March. While the “Already Know” singer has remained tight-lipped about Young, there are others who have made cryptic comments about their alleged involvement.

Ty Young’s ex-fiancee, Mimi Faust, seemed to add weight to the rumours. After Sidora and Pittman filed for divorce, Faust posted a picture of Young with her arm around the “RHOA” star on her Instagram Stories, with the song “Munch (Feeling U)” by rapper Ice Spice playing. A banner reading “Breaking News” was also displayed at the top. The caption asked, “what do you think Mimi’s post means?” While Faust didn’t provide extensive commentary on the matter, she enigmatically stated, “What is done in the dark will come to the light — and I’m [going to] leave it right there.” She added, “People are going to do what they want to do, right or wrong. And if that’s what you choose to go do, by all means, but it’s going to come out.” When asked about her communication with Pittman, Faust simply smiled, though according to Sidora, both were involved in spreading the rumours.


The photograph that fueled the affair rumour between Drew Sidora and Ty Young was allegedly taken during Ralph Pittman’s 40th birthday celebration. However, according to Sidora, her estranged husband manipulated the photo to appear more intimate. She explained during the “RHOA: After Show,” “What I know now is it came from Ralph behind the scenes and wanting to crop a photo that had five people into it to two people and kind of throw a stone and hide his hands and partner up with someone to post it and kind of put it out there.”

Rapper Rasheeda Frost, a friend of Sidora’s, also commented on the affair rumours. She remarked on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, “Things be happening, chile. Listen, it’s a lot, but hey, it is what it is.” Frost added, “Obviously, there’s some vibing going on.” As of the latest update, Sidora and Pittman’s divorce proceedings are ongoing. As for the singer-actor, she’s focused on moving forward. Sidora stated, “I’m looking forward to being able to really tap into who I am, grow into my full womanhood and really continue to build my confidence and see what’s in store for me.”