Republicans nominate Steve Scalise as the next Speaker of the House


It has been a busy morning for the House Republican in Washington DC as they have gathered to elect the new leader of the House.

We have just learned that Steve Scalise, congressman from Louisiana, has emerged victorious from the vote. Scalise will now be the Republican nominee to be the next Speaker of the House. The vote was 113-99 in his favour.

However, there is still one stage he has to clear. Scalise is clearly nominated by the Republicans as the next Speaker but he must still win approval from majority of the House of Representatives, before he can finally claim the post.


He was much more traditional candidate in this race. He has worked his way up through party’s leadership and rose to fame with formidable fundraiser and build connections to the party’s full range of interest groups and constituencies.

Meanwhile, Scalise’s rival Jim Jordan was an outsider, who rose to fame with conservative television appearance. He was endorsed by former president Donald Trump for the role of Speaker.