Republican’s Matt Gaetz efforts against Speaker McCarthy could result in Democrats being kingmaker


With clock ticking down toward a government shutdown, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz approached a Democratic lawmaker on the House floor this week with a new pitch.

Gaetz has been threatening Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s speakership almost daily, which he explained that it is due to his motivation of finding a new leader that keeps his word, adheres to regular order, and tells the truth.

Gaetz the brought forward veteran Republican Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma and House GOP Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota as two alternative examples he had in mind. He also attempted to gauge whether this member would be open to support an replace McCarthy.


As reported by CNN, the Democrat has informed the news agency that an internal discussion is going regarding wide range of questions such as power sharing agreements and policy ideas.

When asked about working with Democrats on his efforts to oust McCarthy, Gaetz stated, “The subject has come up, but it’s not my focus.” He also emphasised that he has not tried to offer and concessions to Democrats in return for their help.

However, the chamber do not only have McCarthy’s critics, as GOP moderates and pragmatic members are also working on House of Democrats and are trying on a plan to get them out of a likely government shutdown and build a consensus to save McCarthy if he faces a so-called ‘motion to vacate’ the speaker’s chair.