Renowned Composer Danny Elfman Faces Allegations of Sexual Misconduct from Another Woman


In a recent legal development, an unidentified woman has come forward with serious allegations against renowned rock star and composer, Danny Elfman. The lawsuit, recently obtained by both Rolling Stone and The Hollywood Reporter, lists Elfman and his company, Musica de la Muerta, as defendants, citing charges of sexual assault, gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual harassment, and negligence.

According to the plaintiff, who has adopted the pseudonym “Jane Doe XX,” her interactions with Elfman commenced in 1997 when she was a 21-year-old student at the New York Film Academy. At that time, Elfman, then 47, was well-known as the frontman for the ’80s new wave band Oingo Boingo and for his collaborations on multiple Tim Burton films, including the beloved “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” as well as iconic TV shows such as “The Simpsons.”

The plaintiff asserts that Elfman initially invited her to industry gatherings in the capacity of a “consultant and protegé.” However, during their private encounters, she alleges that Elfman habitually walked around unclothed in her presence, justifying this behaviour by asserting it was the “only way he could work, be creative, and successful.”


The lawsuit goes on to state that the plaintiff felt compelled to acquiesce to these requests, perceiving it as a prerequisite for maintaining their professional association. A year after their initial meeting, Elfman extended an invitation for the plaintiff to temporarily reside in his Topanga residence while she searched for a nearby apartment. She claims that on occasion, she slept in the same bed as Elfman, fully clothed and atop the sheets, while he slept in the nude beside her. This practice persisted until 2002, when the plaintiff alleges she terminated her relationship with Elfman after he purportedly disclosed, “Every time you have ever slept next to me, I would masturbate next to you.”

This account bears resemblance to a prior lawsuit filed in 2018 by composer Nomi Abadi, initially reported by Rolling Stone, in which she accused Elfman of exposing himself and engaging in inappropriate behavior without her consent. Elfman and Abadi ultimately reached a settlement and non-disclosure agreement in relation to the lawsuit. However, Abadi recently filed a suit against Elfman this past July, claiming he had defaulted on the agreed-upon payment.

The gravity of these accusations casts a shadow on Elfman’s reputation, prompting broader discussions on accountability and conduct within the entertainment industry.