Reconciliation in ‘Love Island Games’: Justine Ndiba and Ray Gantt on the Path to Healing After Betrayal?


The inaugural season of Love Island Games, running from Nov. 1 to Nov. 21, brought together favorite islanders from various international versions of Love Island for a second chance at love. The season concluded with Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler emerging as the winners, claiming the $100,000 cash prize after a challenging journey that involved several rifts, notably with Ray Gantt from Love Island: USA.

Despite being friends outside the villa, Justine’s actions, particularly a decision in episode 16 to save a different couple over Ray and his partner Imani during an elimination round, caused a significant fallout. Ray felt deeply hurt and betrayed by Justine’s move, expressing his disappointment and feelings of betrayal, mentioning that their bond was supposed to extend beyond the game.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Justine revealed that her relationship with Ray remains strained even after filming for Love Island Games ended. She acknowledged the difficulty of the situation, explaining that her intent wasn’t to send Ray home but rather his partner Imani, whom she felt was unreliable.


While Justine and Ray have had conversations and hung out since the show’s conclusion, their relationship remains somewhat tense. Justine expressed remorse for what transpired, acknowledging that rebuilding their friendship might take time due to the emotions evoked by rewatching the show.

Despite the strain, Justine emphasized that she values Ray’s friendship greatly and feels guilty for the situation. She believes that had Ray been partnered with someone else, he might have been in the final duel against her and Jack.

Fans eager to witness Justine’s Love Island Games journey, including her conflict with Ray, can catch the entire series on Peacock as they await news about a potential second season.