Rebecca Loos Net Worth!


Rebecca Loos is an Anglo-Dutch model and media personality with a net worth of $3 million. Born in Madrid, Spain in 1977, she gained widespread recognition for asserting that she had a romantic involvement with football icon David Beckham. Loos pursued her education at Madrid’s Runnymede College and subsequently ventured into the financial sector, working for an investment bank. Her trajectory took a turn when she secured a position as Beckham’s personal assistant during his tenure with Real Madrid. During this period, Beckham’s wife, former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham, was often based in England, creating a dynamic that Loos claims led to a four-month affair. In 2004, she went public with her story, garnering significant media attention. Shortly after, Loos publicly identified as bisexual.

Beckham promptly released a statement affirming his contentment in his marriage to his “wonderful wife”. Following this, Loos hosted the Dutch show “Shownieuws” in 2004 and participated in the reality series “The Farm”. In 2005, she featured on “Celebrity Love Island” and ran the London Marathon in 2006 to raise funds for charity. Her appearance on “The X Factor: Battle of the Stars” was met with a chilly reception from Sharon Osbourne and the audience. Later, she competed on a Spanish adaptation of the American reality show “Survivor”. Loos graced the pages of publications such as “FHM”, “Zoo”, “Nuts”, and “Playboy”. In 2005, she staged a marriage ceremony with American model Jenny Shimizu on “Power Lesbian UK” in protest of America’s same-sex marriage laws. She is presently wedded to Sven Christjar Skaiaa and is a proud mother of two sons, as well as the owner of several dogs.