Reason Behind Olivia Dunne Thinking She’s Banned On TikTok


Gymnast and influencer Olivia Dunne has raised concerns about potential interference with her TikTok account. Dunne, known for her relationship with baseball star Paul Skenes, boasts a substantial following of over 7.8 million and nearly 420 million views on her account. Her content spans various interests, focusing on her athletic career, personal life, and other intriguing facets. Typically, her videos generate millions of views, with some hitting the eight-million mark, like her November 16 hair filter video.

However, Dunne recently observed a noticeable shift in her video views and voiced her concerns on TikTok. In December, she questioned whether TikTok was intentionally reducing her usually high engagement rates. Although TikTok denied any shadowbanning of user accounts, including Dunne’s, the platform emphasized its content guidelines and actions against accounts violating terms of service, leaving uncertainties regarding their application to Dunne.

Despite the lack of direct acknowledgment by TikTok, Dunne’s video views have shown a decline. Several uploads in December received fewer views compared to her usual metrics, with six out of seven failing to reach the one-million benchmark. This downturn began with a video where Dunne tested a celebrity look-alike filter, garnering 930,000 views, contrasting her prior video’s 1.5 million views.


Subsequent uploads experienced a decrease in viewership, notably on December 19, with a video about her Christmas gift list only amassing 567,000 views, and another lip-syncing video reaching 677,000 views. While various factors could contribute to this dip in engagement, Dunne’s substantial audience continues to support her.

However, Dunne’s concerns faced mixed reactions online, with some dismissing her worries in light of global events, while others questioned her complaint given her past success. Nonetheless, a few followers echoed Dunne’s sentiments, highlighting the sudden absence of her videos from their feeds.

Despite the mixed reactions, Dunne’s distress over declining viewership is understandable, considering her diligent efforts in building her social media presence. Her disciplined approach, crafting content and monitoring performance meticulously, was acknowledged by her mother, Kat, revealing Dunne’s dedicated work ethic. Initially, Dunne encountered strict limitations on monetizing her social media fame, reflecting the challenges she overcame to establish herself in the digital space.