Real Housewives of New Jersey Update: Teresa Giudice’s Current Relationship Status with Cousin Kathy Wakile!


The conflict between Teresa Giudice and Kathy Wakile began on the show, escalating over various disagreements, including comments made during reunions and personal jabs about each other’s families. Their relationship deteriorated over time, and Giudice expressed strong animosity towards Wakile and her sister, Rosie Pierri.

Giudice criticized Wakile for allegedly joining the show behind her back, feeling betrayed that family members would participate in the series without her knowledge. She accused Wakile of doing “nasty things for money and fame” and claimed that the situation caused damage to their family.

At BravoCon in 2019, Giudice reiterated her feelings, stating that she would never speak to Wakile or Pierri again because of their involvement in the show without her consent. Wakile denied going behind Giudice’s back, stating that she followed Bravo’s protocol and expressed a desire to move past the drama.


Despite Wakile’s attempts to move on, Giudice continued to accuse her of contacting a former RHONJ producer, Carlos King, to secure a spot on the show. Wakile refuted these claims, stating that she had never met King and was cast by the network, not by any personal contacts or connections.

In her comments on “Life After Bravo,” Wakile mentioned her initial reluctance to join the show due to the drama it brought. However, when she was cast, Giudice found out through the producers and confronted her about it, leading to further tension in their relationship.

Overall, the feud between Giudice and Wakile seems to persist, with both parties expressing their sides of the story and continuing to hold strong feelings about their past conflicts.