Real Estate Investor Halts Operations in NYC Amid Trump Verdict Fallout

Cardone Capital’s Grant Cardone Redirects Focus to Florida and Texas Amid Legal and Regulatory Concerns


Following the verdict in former President Trump’s fraud trial, real estate investor Grant Cardone has announced plans to cease all underwriting on New York City real estate projects, citing concerns over legal and regulatory uncertainties. Cardone, the founder of Cardone Capital, expressed apprehension about investing in New York amidst what he perceives as a politicized business environment and potential risks to property values.

In a recent interview, Cardone revealed his decision to redirect investment efforts away from New York City, emphasizing the need to prioritize markets like Texas and Florida. He voiced concerns over the perceived risks outweighing opportunities in New York, particularly in light of recent legal implications stemming from the Trump trial.

Cardone highlighted the challenges faced by investors in predicting cash flow and navigating regulatory hurdles in New York’s real estate landscape. He expressed reservations about potential declines in property values and increased loan defaults following the $355 million civil fraud ruling against Trump, cautioning against further investment in the state.


Joining Cardone in his apprehension, “Shark Tank’s” Kevin O’Leary echoed similar sentiments, warning against investing in New York amidst regulatory uncertainties and high taxes. O’Leary emphasized the importance of strategic decision-making in selecting investment opportunities, advising investors to prioritize states with favorable business climates like Texas and Florida.

The announcement from Cardone Capital reflects a broader trend of businesses reassessing their investment strategies in response to legal and regulatory developments. With concerns over property values and regulatory uncertainties looming, investors like Cardone are opting to reallocate resources to markets perceived as more stable and business-friendly.

As New York grapples with the fallout from the Trump trial and ongoing regulatory challenges, Cardone’s decision underscores the importance of adaptability and strategic planning in navigating evolving market conditions. While New York may face headwinds in the near term, opportunities abound in states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona, where investors can pursue growth and stability with confidence.