Rachel Portman And Jon Ehrlich Open Up About Composing Title Theme Of We Were The Lucky Ones


Rachel Portman and Jon Ehrlich, the talented duo behind the music for Hulu’s poignant series “We Were the Lucky Ones,” recently opened up about their collaborative process in a revealing interview with Variety. Despite geographical distances, the co-composers found a harmonious rhythm in their remote collaboration, with Ehrlich likening their workflow to a seamless relay race of creativity.

Describing their approach to composing the title theme for the show, Ehrlich elaborated on the dynamic exchange of ideas, highlighting how each of them would contribute to the musical tapestry, passing the baton to one another across time zones. This method allowed for a continuous flow of creativity, with each new iteration building upon the previous one, ultimately culminating in a rich and evocative score.

Portman and Ehrlich were united in their vision to infuse the music with a sense of hope and excitement, using instruments like the piano and cello to convey the emotional depth of the story. Drawing inspiration from the themes of longing, loss, and hope depicted in the series, they crafted a musical landscape that resonates with the characters’ journey of survival and resilience.


Employing a diverse array of instruments, including strings and harps, the composers carefully curated a sonic palette that captures the essence of the narrative. Portman particularly emphasized the significance of the cello in conveying the story’s emotional nuances, describing its rich and mellow timbre as a poignant counterpart to the piano’s melodic motifs.

In addition to traditional orchestral elements, Ehrlich integrated sounds inspired by real-life experiences to evoke the harsh realities faced by the characters. This blending of orchestral and contemporary elements reflects the show’s dual narrative, bridging the past with the present in a compelling musical tapestry.

Central to their creative process was the desire to convey the modern relevance of the story, ensuring that the music resonates with contemporary audiences. Portman underscored the importance of crafting a score that captures the essence of the narrative, imbuing it with a sense of urgency and poignancy that transcends time.

Recording the music with a group of musicians in Berlin, Portman and Ehrlich felt a profound sense of responsibility to honor the gravity of the story. Their collaborative effort yielded a score that not only complements the narrative but also elevates it, adding depth and emotional resonance to the viewing experience.

As “We Were the Lucky Ones” continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling, Portman and Ehrlich’s music serves as a powerful companion, guiding viewers through the tumultuous journey of survival and hope. With new episodes releasing weekly on Hulu, their evocative score continues to underscore the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.