Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval: The Aftermath of Their Intense Affair Revealed!


The #Scandoval saga of 2023, involving “Vanderpump Rules” stars Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, has left a significant mark on pop culture. Their relationship, which began in 2014, has been a rollercoaster ride, with highs and lows documented on the show. In 2021, Madix openly admitted that marriage wasn’t on the table for them at the time.

Things took a turn in the summer of 2022 when rumors surfaced of Sandoval’s involvement with their co-star, Rachel Leviss. By January 2023, the cast was aware of the affair, with Madix learning about the inappropriate text exchanges between Sandoval and Leviss a few months later. The fallout was intense, culminating in public admissions of guilt and strained relationships.

Following the scandal, Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval’s relationship crumbled. As of September, they hadn’t spoken in nearly three months, and Leviss had taken the step of blocking Sandoval on Instagram. Despite this, Sandoval expressed his well wishes for Leviss and hoped for her happiness. However, he also labeled her actions as “thirsty” and “immature.”


Leviss has been focused on her healing process, part of which involves distancing herself from reminders of the affair. She auctioned off items associated with TomTom and openly declared she wouldn’t be wearing them again.

In terms of “Vanderpump Rules,” Leviss has decided not to return for Season 11. Her mental health and well-being take precedence, and the potential stress of returning to the show is a factor in her decision. She also discussed her feelings about not receiving additional compensation for the Scandoval scandal, expressing her frustration at feeling portrayed as the ultimate villain without any financial compensation.

Leviss made it clear that she considered returning to the show if she was offered the same pay as Sandoval and Madix. When this wasn’t met, she decided to distance herself from reality TV, valuing her self-respect and emotional well-being over enduring any potential emotional abuse.