Rachel Bilson reacts to Whoopi Goldberg criticizing her stance on men’s sexual partners


Rachel Bilson is sharing her new viewpoint after Whoopi Goldberg called her out for her stance on men’s body count.

The O.C. star’s controversial opinion came on the October 2 episode of Broad Ideas, wherein she had shared how she will feel if a potential boyfriend lacked sexual experience.

“If it’s really low, at this day and age, you’d be like, ‘It’s a little weird’,” stated Bilson. She continued, “This is going to sound so judgmental, but if a dude’s, like, in his 40s and he’s, like, slept with, like, four women. But it all depends. Maybe he’s been in, like, decade[-long] relationships.” Further ahead she said that it might not be fair on her part to say either way.


However, Goldberg did not hold back from sharing her opinion on Bilson’s stance, in the October 5 episode of The View.

The Colour Purple actress stated that it is none of her business regarding how many sexual partners her man has had before. She explained that earlier, men were taught to have multiple sexual partners. They were allowed to go around and do whatever pleased them, however, things have now changed and “young women have been bithching about, you know, “Why are you telling me what I should be?”

Clarifying her stance, Bilson in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly said that she was concerned about Goldberg’s criticism towards her, since she has been her fan for a long time.

Speaking of her controversial opinion, she claimed that post sharing her initial thoughts on the podcast, she took a moment to realize and ultimately concluded that it is not her place to dissect a person’s sex life.

“The point I get across is that it doesn’t matter, and maybe in the past I would’ve [been judgmental], but [not] anymore,” confessed the 42-year-old.

The Hart of Dixie actress hopes that she can clear up any confusion listeners might have.