Qatar says negotiations moving in direction of men and soldiers being released


Negotiations are “moving towards” releasing civilian men held hostage in Gaza, Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesperson Majed Al-Ansari told CNN on Wednesday.

Al-Ansari, who is also an advisor to Qatar Prime Minister, said, “Our negotiations regarding women and children take paramount position within the discussions, but obviously we are moving towards civilian men being released.”

He added that longer discussions are being held regarding the release of Israeli serving soldiers, who are currently under captivity of Hamas. Parallel to these discussion, another prospect of brokering a “longer truce” that could “lead to a ceasefire,” added Al-Ansari.


The Qatari official refused from commenting if any American hostage will be released on Wednesday, citing that the secrecy is vital for the success of this exchange planned for today, as well as for the security of the hostages.

CIA director William Burns has also reached Qatar on Tuesday for a meeting with Mossad chief to discuss the important issue that sits in front them, which is to free men and soldiers from Gaza.