Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Israeli troops in Gaza to vow fight ‘until victory’


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited its country’s troops in Gaza Strip on Sunday, three days into the ceasefire of four days, and vowed to continue fighting “until the end – until victory.”

“Nothing will stop us,” he said in a video statement, which features him in a protective gears and was surrounded by Israeli soldiers.

It was immediately clear exactly when the visit was made by Netanyahu, as the information about his trip was held confidential by the government until he returned. It is also not known where in Gaza he was, but it is mostly likely for him to travel to the north of Gaza Strip, where Israeli military has established control.


The trip to Gaza was first by PM since the war began on October 7. Those who accompanied him on his visit included is national security advisor Tzachi Hanegbi, his military Maj. Gen. Avi Gil, and Israeli military deputy chief of staff Maj. Gen. Amir Baram.

The pictures from his visit, released by the government, showed the PM in t-shirt, jeans, and a khaki flak jacket and helmet. He was seen consulting with commanders while studying a map. Netanyahu was also seen standing inside a tunnel that his office claims to have been recently exposed by Israeli military.