Presidential candidates share their take on the next speaker of the House


Presidential candidates competing for the GOP nomination in 2024 having differing ideas regarding who should fill in the position of speaker of House of Representatives, which currently remains vacant.

Rep. Matt Gaetz led a controversial plot against Kevin McCarthy to oust him from the post, which he had earned in January post 15 rounds of voting. Along with the support of Democrats,  eight Republicans voted against the former speaker to confirm his removal from the speakership.

Reps. Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, Kevin Hern, and Tom Emmer have been floating as the potential candidates, as the House scurries to quickly elect a new speaker in the coming days.


After several members of Congress suggested that Donald Trump be chose to fill in the vacant post, he revealed he would be endorsing Jordan for the seat.

The Florida governor suggested that GOP Reps. Chip Roy, Thomas Massie, and Jim Jordan could do a good job as a speaker.

During his appearance on The Megyn Kelly Show, Mike Pence, expressed his disappointment over eight republicans siding with Democrats. He went on to represent them as “chaos caucus.” However, he did not name who he would like to see as speaker.

Gov. Tim Scott also remained open. He said that he is looking forward to working with whoever the speaker is when he becomes president of the United States.

Upon asking Vivek Ramaswamy, he said that it would be “ideal” if Trump secured the seat for a short period time. “Jim Jordan is a strong choice,” he also mentioned.