President Joe Biden signs stopgap bill to avert government shutdown


President Biden on Saturday night signed a bill for temporary funding the government, hence avoiding the shutdown before the midnight deadline.

The continuing resolution (CR), passed by both the House and Senate by wide margins earlier in the day will fund the government for the next 45 days, that is up till mid- November, at it current spending levels. It includes $16 billion committed towards disaster relief, however, it excludes aid for Ukraine or changes to border policy.

“I just signed a law to keep the government open for 47 days. There’s plenty of time to pass Government funding bills for the next fiscal year, and I strongly urge Congress to get to work right away,” wrote the president on X, formerly Twitter.


Biden signing the bill puts and end to series of chaotic weeks in Congress, and a day full of surprises in the Capitol.

Earlier, on Friday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy failed to gather votes for stopgap bill. He later brought idea for the “clean” spending bill Saturday morning. It passed the House in a bipartisan 335-91 vote.