President Biden gives update on remaining American hostages in Gaza as Hamas release first American hostage


President Joe Biden spoke at a press conference during the third of the four-day truce agreement between Hamas and Israel, when 17 Israeli hostages were released by Hamas, which included an Israeli – American girl, Avigail Idan, 4.

Post confirming the release of Avigail, Biden touted the hostage’s release due to “intensive U.S. diplomacy.”

“We continue to press and expect that additional Americans will be released as well,” he stated.


He assured the public that the government won’t rest until all the hostages are freed from Hamas militant group. He also added that his administration is working towards extending the deal, which did not result in release of hostages but also cease fire in the enclaved territory.

When Biden was asked about an update on American hostages’ situation in Gaza, he said, “We are hopeful but I don’t have anything firmly to tell you at this moment.”

He continued that they are working towards the aim of not only releasing all the hostages, but also to put an end to Hamas’ control on any part of Gaza.