Potential Leak Poses Threat to James Gunn’s Superman Reboot and DC’s Flagship Release of 2024


As the production of Superman: Legacy gears up, James Gunn is focused on managing information about his DCU reboot. Recent rumors about Pom Klementieff joining the movie are unfounded, yet Gunn is unable to contain a major leak impacting the DC multimedia multiverse.

While DC Studios takes a hiatus from releasing big-screen films, the highly anticipated Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a sequel to the popular Arkhamverse, is set for a 2024 release. However, leaked artwork has surfaced, unsettling fans in multiple ways. Notably, it suggests the return of characters like Poison Ivy and Joker, who were previously depicted as deceased in Arkham Knight, undermining their past demises.

The game’s depiction of Batman’s demise has triggered considerable backlash. Task Force X, known as the Suicide Squad, appears to succeed in killing Batman in this installment. Moreover, the renowned voice actor Kevin Conroy voices Batman posthumously, marking his final performance following his passing in 2022. Fans are disappointed that such a revered figure in Batman media is depicted in this manner.


Amidst these controversies, Gunn hinted at the Arkhamverse’s continuity beyond Suicide Squad. His comment on Threads implied the Arkhamverse wouldn’t conclude with this game, suggesting it could persist independently, similar to standalone DC projects like The Batman and Joker movies. Despite upcoming games tied to the DCU canon, Gunn’s support for Suicide Squad and The Flash could label him as someone associated with divisive DC media.

The release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is scheduled for February 2, 2024, amid significant anticipation and controversy. Consequently, Superman: Legacy faces the challenge of proving the trustworthiness of DC’s future under Gunn’s direction.