Possible Significant Connection: World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery to The War Within


In World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery, players have stumbled upon a mysterious Shadowy Figure connected to the crafting of powerful Epic gear, known as the Void-Touched Armaments. Many speculate that this figure might be Xal’atath, the enigmatic Harbinger, who is expected to play a major role in the upcoming expansion, The War Within.

The process to acquire Void-Touched Armaments involves a series of steps, including finding a Dead Twilight Cultist near Blackfathom Deeps, obtaining specific items, crafting, and interacting with the Shadowy Figure. Players encountering this character have noted similarities in appearance and dialogue that hint at a possible connection to Xal’atath.

The identity of the Shadowy Figure raises questions about Xal’atath’s presence during the Classic WoW timeline. During that period, Xal’atath was contained within a dagger. If this figure is indeed Xal’atath, it could suggest a projection or manipulation within the Classic WoW timeline, potentially involving the use of Iridikron’s artifact, seen in The War Within’s trailer. However, there’s no confirmed link between the Shadowy Figure and Xal’atath in World of Warcraft Classic.


Senior game producer Josh “Aggrend” Greenfield added to the speculation with a playful tweet about “xal’atath,” hinting at the ongoing mystery and teasing fans about the potential connection.

The unfolding mystery around the Shadowy Figure and its probable association with Xal’atath has piqued players’ curiosity, adding an intriguing narrative layer to the Season of Discovery. As WoW Classic progresses into 2024 with promised updates, players are eagerly anticipating further revelations and potential appearances of this mysterious character.