Polls show lower support for Israel among young Americans amid Israel – Hamas conflict


Younger voters are less likely to back Israel,, support among Democrats for Israel’s conduct has declined among the Americans overall, as they are wary of being drawn in the Middle East war.

The above mentioned are the three takeaways from a series of polls on Israel, the Palestinians and the war in Gaza that have been published in the more than three weeks since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. In those attack, Hamas killed around 1,400 Israelis – most of them being civilians. They wounded thousands and took more than 200 hostages to Gaza, which sparked war between Israel and the terror group, which currently governs Gaza Strip.

The Hamas-run health ministry says that Israeli airstrikes have claimed around 8,000 lives of civilians. However, those figures cannot be verified independently, as it could also include the killings of Hamas militants, and the civilians casualties killed by misfired rockets that fell within the coastal enclave.


A poll on Thursday introduced by Quinnipiac, which demonstrated the age divide, wherein the respondents were asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Israel is responding to the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack?” Only 32% of those aged between 18-24 approved of Israel’s response, as opposed to about 58% of those who fall in the bracket of 50 years or older.

The Quinnipiac poll was conducted on October 26, reaching the respondent by phone, and had a margin of error of 2.4%.