Pokémon GO Players Set to Lose Mistakenly Awarded Legendary Pokémon


In recent news surrounding Pokemon GO, a fortunate few players who unexpectedly acquired a Black or White Kyurem in the game might soon find themselves losing these elusive creatures. Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon GO, is taking corrective action to remove these unreleased Pokemon that appeared due to a bug. The unintended availability of these Legendary Dragon/Ice type Pokemon generated considerable excitement within the Pokemon GO community.

This incident joins a string of bugs and mishaps in the game’s history, with one of the most notable being the Galarian Linoone issue back in 2020. Players then discovered they could evolve Galarian Zigzagoon into Galarian Linoone with a moveset typically exclusive to regular Linoone. This unintentional oversight resulted in Galarian Linoone boasting an exceedingly potent moveset, making it a top-tier choice for PvP battles. However, the current situation involving Black and White Kyurem far exceeds a mere moveset error, as players unexpectedly obtained entirely unreleased Pokemon.

Niantic addressed the issue via a tweet, announcing their plan to remove Black and White Kyurem from players’ accounts while offering in-game compensation as an apology. These Legendary creatures had erroneously surfaced as rewards in the GO Battle League, a mistake that Niantic swiftly sought to rectify. Despite players having the chance to utilize these Pokemon briefly, both Black and White Kyurem will no longer be available in the game. Understandably, this decision hasn’t been well-received within the community, with many advocating for players to retain the Pokemon due to Niantic’s error.


To make amends, Niantic is compensating affected players generously. They are distributing timed research that awards players with significant in-game resources, including 250,000 Stardust, 250 Kyurem Candy, 5 Star Pieces, and 5 Lucky Eggs. This compensation, as reported on Reddit, aims to account for scenarios where players might have powered up these Pokemon. It stands as one of the most substantial compensations ever offered in the history of the game.

What sets this particular bug apart is the immense power of Black Kyurem, which garnered significant attention. Regarded as one of the best Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Black Kyurem stands out as the most potent Ice-type and Dragon-type DPS (Damage Per Second) creature. Its impressive moveset comprises Dragon Tail, Shadow Claw, Outrage, Blizzard, Stone Edge, and Iron Head. Despite the discontentment in the community stemming from this incident, the silver lining is the anticipation of Black and White Kyurem’s eventual official release in the game. With the bug unintentionally revealing Niantic’s plans, players might not have to wait too long before these Legendary creatures officially make their debut.