Pokémon GO Player’s Handy Trick for Acquiring Free Poké Balls Shared Among Community


In the vast world of Pokemon GO, where catching creatures is a central part of the adventure, a player recently shared a valuable tip on Reddit, causing quite a buzz within the Pokemon GO community. The tip involves leveraging the Daily Incense Adventure feature to obtain a beneficial reward of 30 free Poke Balls, a revelation that caught many players by surprise.

Poke Balls are the quintessential tools for capturing Pokemon in the game, ranging from the regular Poke Ball to the more potent Great, Ultra, Premier, and Master Balls. Each type of Poke Ball offers varying odds of successfully capturing Pokemon, with the Master Ball being the most effective for ensnaring rare and elusive creatures. Due to the constant encounters with Pokemon in the game, players often find themselves running low on Poke Balls.

Enter Reddit user Ivi-Tora, who shared this clever strategy of using the Daily Incense Adventure to acquire 30 free Poke Balls. As detailed in a post by Redditor Leading-Commercial45, this method becomes available when a player possesses 30 or fewer Poke Balls, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls, alongside at least one storage slot. The Daily Incense Adventure, an incense claimable once a day for free, not only extends the spawn time of Pokemon by 15 minutes but also serves as the sole method for players to encounter the Galarian Birds in Pokemon GO.


The revelation sparked astonishment among some Pokemon GO players who were previously unaware of this feature and its associated benefits. To validate this information, a Redditor shared a link from Niantic support confirming the 30 Poke Balls reward upon activating the Daily Incense Adventure. However, not all players face a shortage of Poke Balls; some revealed their considerable inventories, boasting hundreds or even thousands of various Poke Ball types.

Furthermore, while Pokemon GO currently features five distinct types of Poke Balls, some players are intrigued by the potential introduction of additional Poke Ball variants by Niantic. The prospect of new Poke Balls entering the game excites players, offering them fresh strategies and experiences while embarking on their Pokemon-catching endeavors.