Pokemon Enthusiast Designs Cutting-Edge Mecha Version for Skarmory


A dedicated Pokemon fan recently showcased their imaginative prowess by crafting a futuristic, mechanized rendition of the beloved Skarmory. Renowned for its steel attributes and avian design, Skarmory became a fitting canvas for this futuristic reimagining.

Skarmory has earned its moniker, the “Armor Bird Pokemon,” owing to its steel wings and a body adorned with razor-sharp feathers. Pokedex entries across various Pokemon games describe it as possessing an ironclad body, yet it manages to soar through the skies at speeds exceeding 180mph. These entries also highlight Skarmory’s territorial clashes with Corviknight, engaging in fierce battles.

The fierceness and unique attributes of Skarmory have captivated Pokemon enthusiasts, inspiring various artistic creations, including humanized depictions and now, a mecha version. Recently shared by Reddit user shunixe, this mecha interpretation features a metal-plated body and distinctive red wings, resembling a character from Zoids or Gundam series. The artist has also crafted mecha versions of numerous other Pokemon, showcasing a futuristic twist on these iconic creatures.


[OC] Mecha Skarmory
byu/shunixe inpokemon

The artist shared their mecha Skarmory across social media platforms, receiving praise from fellow Pokemon fans. Some admirers suggested that shunixe’s creation could pass as a Paradox Pokemon from the future, proposing intriguing names like “Iron Wings” or “Iron Talons.” Paradox Pokemon, unique to Pokemon Violet, are futuristic iterations of existing Pokemon.

With the introduction of Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players appreciated the distinct appearances of their favorite creatures. Contrasting with Shiny Pokemon, which often present mere color variations, Paradox Pokemon boast altered designs that fit their respective eras. Future-themed Pokemon tend to feature metallic attributes, while Ancient Pokemon parallel the game’s concept of prehistoric creatures.

In the past, fans have crafted their interpretations of Paradox Pokemon, sometimes eerily predicting future designs. This creativity occasionally aligns with official releases, like a fan accurately envisioning Raikou’s Paradox version, Raging Bolt, months before its reveal in the Indigo Disk DLC. While several Pokemon, including Skarmory, lack Paradox versions, the potential for their inclusion in future DLCs for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet remains uncertain. Given the positive reception of Paradox Pokemon upon the games’ release, there’s hope that Game Freak may reintroduce them or unveil new iterations in upcoming titles.