Players in The Finals Advocate for Alterations to Aim Assist: Seeking Changes


The contentious issue of aim assist in The Finals, especially in the context of cross-platform play, has ignited significant dissatisfaction among players and is triggering a growing demand for changes within the game’s community.

The Finals gained rapid popularity during its open beta phase a few months back, amassing a staggering 8 million players. Its subsequent full release earlier this month solidified its position, consistently dominating the Steam top 10 charts and reaffirming its broad appeal and success. Establishing a unique identity in the competitive FPS shooter genre is no easy task, yet The Finals managed to achieve this feat through its innovative gameplay, featuring distinctive modes and lightning-paced action that sets a new benchmark in the genre.

Recently, a Reddit user, GOTTA_BE_FR3SH, brought attention to a critical issue regarding the game’s aim assist on The Finals subreddit. Through a video demonstration, the user showcased a scenario where aiming the crosshair significantly away from a target dummy, followed by aiming down sights, caused the reticle to snap directly to the target. This demonstration, performed with a SH1900 gun, highlighted a widespread concern among players, indicating similar aim assist anomalies with other weapons like the Model 1887.


While many cross-platform shooting games integrate aim assist, players of The Finals express worries about its disproportionate advantage, especially for controller users. Of note, this concern was initially raised by a controller player, emphasizing the severity of the problem. Consequently, some players advocate for input-based matchmaking. However, this solution poses limitations, preventing players from joining games with friends using different input devices.

An important distinction arises concerning players using controllers on PCs rather than consoles, raising concerns about potential exploitation of aim assist through external devices, which standard anti-cheating measures might struggle to detect. This scenario effectively leaves players with no viable option to avoid competing against those using aim assist. Coupled with existing cheating problems in The Finals, this exacerbates player frustration.

Furthermore, it has been observed that players using controllers experience automatic aim snapping onto opponents using the Cloaking Device, nullifying the advantage of invisibility-focused Light builds in the game. The game’s developers have been responsive to community feedback, recognizing the pivotal role community input will play in addressing the aim assist issue. Striking a balance is imperative, as outright removal of aim assist could unfairly impact controller users. The challenge lies in modifying this feature to ensure fairness and competitiveness for all players.