Player Discovers Valuable Secret in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2!


In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a sharp-eyed fan has stumbled upon a hidden wind tunnel that’s easily overlooked. This element is part of the game’s enhanced traversal system, allowing players to attain a speed boost when employing their Web Wings and passing through specific blue rings.

The traversal mechanics in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have been lauded for their increased speed and smoother execution compared to previous iterations. The introduction of Web Wings was also met with enthusiasm, as it demonstrated Insomniac’s responsiveness to community feedback and their willingness to implement significant changes. With these wings, players can now traverse even faster by gliding through wind currents. While many of these currents are scattered throughout the city, a player recently encountered what appears to be a concealed wind tunnel offering a substantial speed boost.

A user on the SpidermanPS4 subreddit posted a video showcasing their exploration of Spider-Man 2’s open world. As they swung beneath a particular subway bridge, they veered into a staircase leading up to the bridge, revealing a wind tunnel adorned with blue rings that provided a significant speed boost. The community expressed pleasant surprise at this discovery, and many are now curious about how many more of these hidden tunnels might be scattered throughout Spider-Man 2’s map.


While players continue to uncover secrets within the game, Insomniac is already gearing up for its next major release. A noteworthy revelation came from Spider-Man 2’s director, Bryan Intihar, who confirmed that the upcoming Wolverine game and Spider-Man 2 are set in the same universe. Wolverine was announced by Insomniac in September 2021, but there have been limited updates on the game since. Additionally, there’s a Wolverine suit available for players in the game, hinting at a potential showdown between the web slingers and Logan in the future, which could significantly impact Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

In addition, numerous fans have expressed a desire for more gameplay as Venom in Spider-Man 2. While the game’s narrative doesn’t easily accommodate this, a player seems to have found a way to navigate the open world as Venom through a glitch. Nevertheless, players are still hoping for the option to fully embody Venom, a prospect that may materialize, as Spider-Man 2’s senior narrative director has indicated that the team would consider a Venom spin-off depending on fan feedback!