Pete Davidson’s cold opening at SNL talks about Israel and Gaza tragedies


For the premier of its 49th season, Saturday Night Live skipped its regularly scheduled sketch parodying the week’s news. Instead, host Pete Davidson, in a rare demeanor, delivered a cold open addressing the current ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“This week we saw the horrible images and stories from Israel and Gaza. And I know what you’re thinking, who better to comment on it than Pete Davidson?,” says Davidson, who shared a personal connection with the trauma.

For the unversed, Davidson’s father Scott Davidson was a New York City firefighter who died on September 11, 2001.


“Well, in a lot of ways I am a good person to talk about it,” he continued. He shared that he was seven years old when his father died in a terrorist attack, so he is aware of what it is like.

He did not breaks and continued to share his take on violence in Israel and Gaza. He said that the images of children sufferring in both Israel and Palestine took him back to a “really horrible, horrible place. No one in the world deserves to suffer like that, especially not kids.”

Further ahead he shared that post his father’s demise, his mother tried a lot to things to make smile. He shared, “When I was eight… she [mistakenly played] Eddie Murphy stand-up special, Delirious… She tried to take it away, but then she noticed something. For the first time, in a long time, I was laughing again.”

“I don’t understand, I really don’t, I never will, but sometimes comedy is really the only way forward through tragedy.”