Pete Davidson And Ice Spice ‘Saturday Night Live’ Episode Release Date And How To Watch!


Fear not, folks! Contrary to Pete Davidson’s track record of high-profile relationships, there’s no romantic entanglement with Ice Spice on the horizon—at least not yet. Davidson, known for his stints on SNL, has had a string of notable ex-partners, including Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Kate Beckinsale, to name a few. So, when Davidson’s name was linked with the emerging talent Ice Spice, who recently dropped her debut rap album, rumors swiftly ignited. However, let it be known that they’re simply creative collaborators. The duo is slated to kick off the 49th season of Saturday Night Live, with Davidson in the hosting seat and Ice Spice as the musical guest.

After a hiatus due to concurrent WGA and SAG strikes, SNL’s return is eagerly anticipated. Although the premiere was slightly postponed—typically the show runs from September to May, with a summer hiatus—it marks the initial stride towards a renewed normalcy in television programming, hopefully with greater respect, consideration, and compensation for its writers and actors.


Pete Davidson And Ice Spice ‘Saturday Night Live’ Episode Release Date


The official premiere of SNL’s 49th season, which fortuitously features Davidson and Ice Spice, is scheduled for October 14. This debut follows one of the lengthiest hiatuses in SNL history due to the aforementioned strikes. The show concluded its 48th season ahead of time, as a gesture of solidarity with the strikers, and remained off the air until agreements were reached with the WGA. Davidson’s appearance isn’t considered strikebreaking, as the SAG strike is still in progress, since he had a prior contractual commitment and the NBC program operates outside the purview of the union’s strike.

For those eager to catch Davidson and Ice Spice’s SNL episode, the simplest route is tuning in to NBC as it airs. However, for those who’ve cut the cord, there are streaming alternatives. The episode will follow SNL’s customary time slot on Saturday, October 14. If you happen to miss it, you can catch it on NBC’s streaming platform, Peacock. The episode will be accessible at no cost for subscribers, or you can opt for a free trial to witness the show’s much-anticipated return.