Persona 3 Reload Unveils Exclusive Collectible PC Case and Accessory Lineup


The imminent release of Persona 3 Reload has brought forth a range of PC merchandise and accessories, coinciding with the game’s highly anticipated launch. This remake stands among the most awaited titles slated for the coming year, alongside possible news about the speculated sixth Persona installment and a mobile game.

The original Persona 3, initially released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, received critical acclaim for its gameplay mechanics and captivating narrative. Atlus later introduced extended versions such as Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable for the PSP, both featuring a female protagonist. However, upon the announcement of Persona 3 Reload, fans exhibited mixed reactions to the revamped graphics resembling those of Persona 5. Disappointment arose as the remake omitted the option to play as a female protagonist. Despite this, the Persona community remains enthusiastic about experiencing an updated version of the game, especially in terms of fostering Social Links with various characters.

In preparation for Persona 3 Reload’s launch in February 2024, Atlus collaborated with the PC brand Hyte to craft a limited-edition collection. This assortment includes a custom-designed Y60 PC case, a desk pad, keycaps, and a wall scroll. The Y60 PC case, initially unveiled at Anime NYC 2023, showcases the game’s protagonist and members of SEEs across its panels. Customers who pre-order the Y60 PC case will receive a special Fool Arcana card and a metal carrying tin. Additionally, the desk pad and wall scroll feature the protagonist exclusively, while the themed keycaps reflect Persona 3’s iconic blue hue and incorporate design elements reminiscent of the game’s icons and weapons. All items are available for global shipping starting February 2, 2024, and pre-orders are currently open on Hyte’s website.


The collaboration between Persona 3 Reload and Hyte generated significant excitement among Persona aficionados, eager to integrate the game’s peripherals into their gaming setups. Particularly, the Persona 3 Reload keycap set has piqued interest among those seeking to personalize their keyboards. However, some fans expressed disappointment regarding specific exemptions to worldwide shipping, while others remain hopeful for a collaboration involving Persona 3’s FeMC (Female Main Character).

With less than three months until the game’s release, Atlus continues to gradually unveil features, including the voice actors for Persona 3 Reload’s Social Link characters. Despite the unlikelihood of Atlus incorporating FeMC into the remake, the initial reception for the game appears predominantly positive.