Persistent Elden Ring Exploit Continues to Pose Challenges in PvP


The Elden Ring community is currently facing frustration over an old bug known as the “Chainsaw Glitch,” which continues to persist in the game’s PvP mode despite attempts from the developers to patch it. This glitch, which has been causing distress among players, allows for an exploit that significantly impacts the PvP experience.

Glitches are common in expansive open-world games like Elden Ring, and players have discovered various creative methods to navigate challenges within the game. These exploits, while often beneficial in single-player mode, become problematic when they affect multiplayer gameplay.

The Chainsaw Glitch, specifically, involves utilizing two weapons—the Serpent-Hunter Great Spear obtained from the Rykard Lord of Blasphemy boss fight and Ghiza’s Wheel acquired after defeating Inquisitor Ghiza in the Volcano Manor. Combining these weapons results in an exploit that grants players an invisible chainsaw with an extended range, combining the deadly aspects of both weapons.


Can someone explain wtf just happened. Is this a hacker ?
byu/Deadsap266 inEldenring

This glitch’s impact was highlighted in a Reddit post where a player shared a video of encountering the exploit in PvP, resulting in instantaneous depletion of their health from a great distance. Despite attempts by FromSoftware to patch aspects of this glitch previously, players have managed to find alternative methods to recreate it, leading to ongoing frustration within the community.

While the developer has swiftly addressed other glitches in Elden Ring in the past, this particular one seems to persist due to its complexity. Until a permanent fix is implemented, players have resorted to blocking opponents engaging in this exploit as a temporary solution.

The longevity of this bug has caused frustration among fans, but the community remains hopeful for a comprehensive solution from FromSoftware in the future.