PDP reveals limited edition fight sticks inspired by Tekken 8 and The King of Fighters


PDP, a renowned gaming accessories manufacturer, has unveiled a captivating lineup of limited edition Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Sticks, each adorned with designs inspired by iconic characters from popular fighting game franchises.

The first offering is The King of Fighters Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick, boasting four vibrant variants, each centered around a prominent character from the series. These include the regal purple Lori edition, the fiery red Terry edition, the electrifying yellow Kyo edition, and the serene baby blue Shun’ei edition. Currently available for purchase at $499.99 via the PDP website, each variant is a collector’s dream, with only 250 units produced.

Next up is the Tekken 8 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick, slated for release in August. This edition will showcase six distinct designs, each showcasing beloved Tekken 8 characters. Among them are the majestic blue King edition, the radiant yellow Law edition, the enigmatic purple Kazuya edition, the sleek black Jin edition, and the charming pink Lili edition. Like its King of Fighters counterpart, these limited edition fight sticks will retail for $499.99, with only 300 units available for each design.


Regardless of the chosen design, consumers can expect a premium-quality fight stick featuring an aluminum shell meticulously etched with character art and a unique limited-edition numbering, adding an extra layer of exclusivity. Additionally, each fight stick is equipped with a platform selection switch, ensuring compatibility with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC straight out of the box.

Our assessment of the original Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick in our Victrix Pro FS review was highly positive, earning it a glowing four and a half out of five stars. Praised for its exceptional build quality and compatibility with premium Sanwa Denshi parts, it remains a standout choice among fight sticks currently available in the market.

While the price tag may be hefty, particularly for enthusiasts on a budget, we believe that the investment is worthwhile for dedicated fighting game aficionados seeking top-notch performance and craftsmanship. For collectors and die-hard fans of The King of Fighters or Tekken franchises, these limited edition versions offer a compelling opportunity to own a piece of gaming history.