Paul Skenes stats and pitch count: When will the Pirates promote top prospect Paul Skenes?


Paul Skenes emerged as the undisputed star of the 2023 MLB Draft class following an electrifying season at LSU that left a lasting impression on the collegiate baseball landscape.

Arriving at LSU after a stint at Air Force, Skenes swiftly rose to prominence as the premier collegiate pitcher in the nation. His stellar performance earned him a plethora of prestigious accolades, including the Dick Howser Trophy, SEC Pitcher of the Year, Collegiate Baseball National Player of the Year, and D1 Baseball National Player of the Year. Notably, he also clinched the title of Most Outstanding Player in the 2023 College World Series, further solidifying his status as a standout talent.

Skenes’s remarkable statistics speak volumes about his dominance on the mound, boasting an astounding 209 strikeouts in just 122.2 innings pitched, complemented by an impressive 1.69 ERA and a minuscule opponents’ batting average of .165. Such remarkable success catapulted him to the top of the MLB Draft, where he was selected first overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates, outshining fellow SEC luminaries Dylan Crews and Wyatt Langford.


Since his draft, Skenes has wasted no time in making his mark, showcasing his prowess in spring training and delivering stellar performances in Triple-A despite being subject to strict innings limitations.

Renowned for his arsenal of pitches, Skenes boasts a blazing triple-digit fastball, a slider that rivals the best in professional baseball, and a changeup that adds depth to his repertoire. Furthermore, he has recently added a splitter to his arsenal and has the ability to mix in a curveball, all of which he commands with remarkable precision and control, a rare feat for a pitcher of his caliber.

With each outing, Skenes inches closer to his inevitable promotion to the big leagues, with fans eagerly awaiting his debut. As anticipation builds, Sporting News remains at the forefront, providing the latest updates on Skenes’s journey and when fans can expect to see him donning a major league uniform.



When will the Pirates call up Paul Skenes?

After much anticipation and speculation, the Pittsburgh Pirates have officially announced that Paul Skenes will be making his debut in the big leagues on May 11. This momentous occasion comes after Skenes has showcased his talents in seven starts in the minors, accumulating 27.1 innings on the mound in preparation for his leap to the majors.

Skenes’s journey to the MLB has been a subject of fervent discussion and scrutiny, with fans and analysts alike eagerly awaiting his promotion. General manager Ben Cherington has been cautious in setting a definitive timeline for the young phenom’s ascent, opting instead to focus on the gradual progression of his development.

Speaking about Skenes’s performance, Cherington emphasized the importance of each milestone checked off along the way, highlighting the significance of Skenes starting a game on four days’ rest for the first time as a professional. Despite the meticulous approach to his development, Skenes has consistently impressed, demonstrating the qualities of a future major league star.

Cherington’s comments on Skenes’s progress underscore the complexity of grooming top prospects for the rigors of professional baseball. He emphasized the importance of experience and adaptation, noting that even the most talented collegiate pitchers require time in the minors to refine their skills and acclimate to the demands of professional competition.

Drawing comparisons to former top draft pick Stephen Strasburg, Skenes has been hailed as a generational talent with the potential to make a significant impact at the highest level. Much like Strasburg’s journey, Skenes’s path to the majors has been carefully navigated, with a focus on gradual development and readiness for the challenges ahead.

As Skenes prepares to take the mound for the Pirates, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the debut of a pitcher destined for greatness, poised to leave an indelible mark on the MLB landscape.


Draft Pick Pitcher Minors Games MLB Debut
2023 1 Paul Skenes 12 May 11, 2024
2022 3 Kumar Rocker 6 N/A
2021 2 Jack Leiter 47 April 18, 2024
2020 3 Max Meyer 35 July 16, 2022
2019 7 Nick Lodolo 27 April 13, 2022
2018 1 Casey Mize 26 Aug. 19, 2020
2017 5 Kyle Wright 36 Sept. 4, 2018
2016 6 A.J. Puk 55 Aug. 21, 2019
2015 4 Dillon Tate 89 July 29, 2019
2014 3 Carlos Rodon 11 April 21, 2015



Paul Skene’s pitch count

As Paul Skenes progresses through his starts, there’s been a noticeable trend of incremental improvement in both his pitch count and innings pitched. Initially limited to three innings in his first couple of outings, he steadily increased his workload with each subsequent appearance, demonstrating both his durability and growing comfort on the mound.

However, one aspect of Skenes’s performance that has remained relatively consistent is his efficiency in terms of pitches thrown per batter faced. Throughout the season thus far, he has maintained an average of 4.0 pitches per batter faced, a figure in line with the MLB average of 3.9 pitches per batter.

Interestingly, Skenes managed to dip below this average for the first time during his fifth outing against Omaha, where he averaged just 3.7 pitches per batter faced. Impressively, he has sustained this efficiency in subsequent appearances, showcasing his ability to efficiently dispatch hitters and work deeper into games while conserving his pitch count.

This consistent efficiency bodes well for Skenes’s ability to remain effective and pitch deep into games as he continues his journey in the majors. As he refines his command and repertoire, Skenes has the potential to become an even more formidable force on the mound, capable of dominating opposing hitters with both his stuff and his ability to efficiently manage his pitch count.

Date Opponent Innings Pitches Pitches/Batter
March 30 at Bats 3 46 5.1
April 5 vs. Redbirds 3 44 4
April 12 at Mud Hens 3.1 55 4.2
April 18 vs. Saints 3.1 65 4.6
April 24 at Storm Chasers 4.1 71 3.7
April 30 vs. Bisons 6 75 3.4
May 5 vs. Bisons 4.1 66 3.9

Paul Skenes stats

Year Age Lev GS ERA IP K% BB% Opp Avg
2023 21 Rk 1 0.00 1.0 33.3% 0.0% .000
2023 21 A 2 0.00 3.0 36.4% 0.0% .091
2023 21 AA 2 13.50 2.2 35.7% 14.3% .333
2024 22 AAA 7 0.99 27.1 42.9% 7.6% .175
Minors 12 2.12 34 41.4% 7.5% .179