Paul Rudd Discusses Ant-Man Role: Opens Up About His Rigorous Diet Regimen for Character Preparation


Paul Rudd recently revealed the arduous and stringent diet he underwent to prepare for his role in the Ant-Man series, describing it as “horrible” and “restrictive.”

In a conversation on the Off Menu podcast, where guests discuss their dream menu, Rudd humorously shared that during his rigorous training for the Ant-Man movie, his reward for sticking to the strict diet was sparkling water. He jokingly mentioned that the severity of the diet made sparkling water feel like a luxury: “That’s how horrible that diet was. I was like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna have some sparkling water now, I’ve earned it.’”

The actor explained that while working out extensively, he would treat himself with “a lot of sparkling water,” emphasizing that it was the unflavored variety and not anything extravagant.


Rudd acknowledged that following such a disciplined diet and workout routine was standard practice for all his Marvel movies. He noted that once he immersed himself in the routine, it didn’t feel too challenging, and the benefits included waking up with high energy levels despite consuming “really boring food, every time, over and over again.”

However, Rudd admitted that despite his dedication to training and adhering to a strict diet, he often felt like he didn’t achieve the same impressive physique as some of his Marvel co-stars. Comparing his efforts to the likes of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Rudd humorously expressed his disbelief at the stark difference in outcomes despite rigorous workouts and disciplined eating: “I had to work out all the time, eat perfectly, just to look kind of bad. Not even like great.”

Reflecting on moments during the filming of Endgame, Rudd recounted witnessing Hemsworth’s dedicated diet and workout routine and marveling at the difference in results. He humorously questioned the purpose of his intense regimen when compared to Hemsworth’s chiseled physique, stating, “I can never achieve that.”

Rudd concluded by expressing relief that he wasn’t playing a character like Thor, emphasizing that despite his efforts, achieving a similar physique seemed unattainable for him.