Paul Newman is the sole celebrity in the world to have received this one-of-a-kind award!


Most likely, Paul Newman comes to mind when you think about legendary actors in Hollywood. Paul Newman, a filmmaker who has become recognisable over the course of six decades, contributed to some of the greatest films ever made. Despite his considerable renown, you’d be astonished at how few accolades he received.

He was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars four times before winning the award for The Colour of Money, one of the greatest drama films ever filmed. After receiving a nomination for Best Actress in 1958, his wife, Joanne Woodward, made her husband feel perfectly connected by creating a personalised Oscar.

Given that this ‘Noscar’ didn’t represent him in the best possible light, it wasn’t precisely the award he had in mind. “The Schnee-Wise Noscar award to Paul Newman for best portraying a terrible no-good, for turning him into a charming and lovable sprite,” the description says. “And for thereby doing what Lincoln said should never be done, i.e. fooling all of the people all of the time.”


This alludes to Newman’s role as a young criminal who turns into a champion boxer in Somebody Up There Likes Me, one of the greatest sports films ever.

Although Rocky Ganziano, played by Newman, isn’t the most endearing character, his redemption path and the celebrated actor’s portrayal make us care deeply about his struggle. While Somebody Up There Likes Me may be a proto-Rocky, it contains less romance, emphasising the challenges of coming from an abusive background in the lower class.

Famously, in the picture above, Newman is shown preferring his “Noscar” over Woodward’s more formal award. Before he could speak, he would witness a lot of nominations, and we’re sure his Best Actor award is now right next to the “Noscar,” so everyone is aware of his talent’s heritage.