Paris Hilton Reacts to Criticism Over Her Son: Unleashing Her Protective ‘Mama Bear’ Instincts


The prominent figure in media and business, Paris Hilton, has personally taken charge of addressing the barrage of online comments concerning her 10-month-old son, Phoenix Barron. In a poignant interview with PEOPLE magazine, Hilton unveiled her profound “Mama Bear instincts,” revealing a previously unseen side of herself. The negativity sparked on her Instagram posts featuring Phoenix led to concerns about his appearance, prompting Hilton to speak out.

The 42-year-old socialite expressed deep distress upon discovering discussions about her son’s looks. She emphasized that, as a mother, her priority is her child’s happiness, not conforming to societal beauty standards. Hilton conveyed her heartbreak over the cruel nature of some individuals, stating, “Usually, I wouldn’t dignify anything like that with a response, but I was just heartbroken that there are such cruel people in the world.”

She continued, reflecting on her astonishment that anyone could be unkind and malicious toward an innocent baby. Asserting her protective stance, she vowed, “You can say what you want about me, but this is my little angel. And if anyone ever says anything to hurt him or his feelings, I will always be there to protect him.” Furthermore, as a newly minted mother of two, including her recent arrival, daughter London (via surrogacy) with husband Carter Reum, Hilton expressed pity for those who resort to bullying children online.


In response to the vicious comments, Hilton expressed her sympathy, stating, “They’re that miserable in their lives that they would go and speak about a child in such a way.” Nevertheless, she found solace in the overwhelming support from mothers within her circle and across the internet who rallied behind her and Phoenix. She conveyed immense gratitude for the outpouring of love and protection for her son.

The outpouring of positive messages from parents astounded Hilton, who was touched by the overwhelming love and support shown for Phoenix. Despite the online negativity, she continued to share heartwarming pictures of herself and her son, gearing up for the holiday season, relishing the joys of parenting alongside Reum.

Hilton expressed her joy and completeness in having both her son and daughter, remarking on the happiness they bring. She eagerly anticipated celebrating their first holidays as a family and cherished these moments immensely.

Looking ahead, Hilton shared her excitement about the upcoming season of “Paris In Love,” expressing enthusiasm for fans to witness her journey as a wife and mother. She highlighted the season as a healing experience, from revealing her memoir’s personal aspects to sharing touching moments on the show, including her mother meeting Phoenix for the first time.

The official synopsis of the reality TV series details Hilton’s life-changing surprise of welcoming her first child in secret and the subsequent challenges of balancing motherhood with her public persona. The show promises an inside look into Hilton’s life, showcasing her transition into motherhood and her determination to navigate the complexities of her newfound role, all while managing her career and personal revelations.