Paris Hilton Fearlessly Defends Her Son Against Online Trolls!


Paris Hilton, known for “The Simple Life,” is facing online trolls targeting her son, Phoenix. Hilton and husband Carter Reum welcomed Phoenix in January 2023. Sharing their joy, Hilton posted a heartwarming photo holding Phoenix’s hand, captioned with overflowing love.

Embracing motherhood, Hilton expressed her happiness, emphasizing her desire to be a mom. Unlike some celebrities, she’s openly shared moments with Phoenix on social media, celebrating his six-month milestone in July.

However, a recent photo of Phoenix drew negative comments about the size of his head. Trolls compared him to characters with large heads, including “Boss Baby” and “Stewie” from Family Guy. Concerns were raised about his head shape, with some suggesting encephalitis.


Unfazed initially, Hilton later responded, defending Phoenix’s health and stating he has a large brain. Despite her resilience, the criticism became overwhelming. She expressed deep hurt, emphasizing her efforts to create an environment of love and respect.

Hilton revealed she’d longed for motherhood, though she never anticipated this level of criticism. She called for more kindness and empathy in how people treat one another. Despite the negativity, Hilton found solace in a fan-made video showcasing her and Phoenix’s special moments, reminding her of the kindness in the world. She remains determined to focus on the love she receives, blocking out the hate.