Paris Hilton Expresses Gratitude for First Thanksgiving Celebrated with Son Phoenix


During Thanksgiving, Paris Hilton took a trip down memory lane, sharing nostalgic past and present holiday moments through a series of Instagram posts. Expressing gratitude, she captioned her post with a heartfelt message, acknowledging the incredible blessings the year had brought, especially embracing motherhood. Hilton expressed deep thanks for her loving family, supportive friends, and devoted husband, concluding her sentiments with wishes for more years of love and gratitude.

Joining the Thanksgiving revelry on Instagram, Mindy Kaling, the renowned actress and screenwriter, shared serene pictures of New York, the skyline, and her children, extending wishes for a joyous day with loved ones.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama also marked the occasion with a family picture alongside former President Barack Obama and their daughters Sasha and Malia. Her caption reflected gratitude for their families, health, and honored those serving the country away from home.


Emma Willis, wife of actor Bruce Willis, posted a heartwarming family photo including Bruce, expressing gratitude for the love they share amidst the actor’s battle with frontotemporal dementia.

Courtney Cox delighted ‘Friends’ fans with a throwback from the beloved sitcom, sharing a scene with late actor Matthew Perry. In a nostalgic gesture, she recreated the iconic moment from the show, playfully adding the ‘Friends’ introduction song.

Meanwhile, Dolly Parton, the celebrated songwriter and singer, diverted from the traditional Thanksgiving posts, teasing her upcoming halftime show at the Thanksgiving Day NFL matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders.

These Instagram posts captured various ways celebrities celebrated Thanksgiving, whether through heartfelt family moments, nostalgic throwbacks, or teasing upcoming career ventures. It’s a time to gather with loved ones, cast aside lingering negativity, and indulge in the festivities, leaving calorie counting aside for the day.