Palworld Reveals 4 New Pals Coming This Summer


The upcoming summer update for Palworld is generating excitement among players, especially with the promise of new Pals and a new island to explore. The teaser video released during the ID@Xbox Showcase provided a glimpse of what players can expect, showcasing four new Pals that will be introduced in the update.

The trailer began with a serene scene of cherry blossom trees, hinting at a new environment for players to discover. It then introduced the four new Pals, each with unique designs and abilities. One of the new Pals resembled a toad-like creature wielding a stick, while another resembled an ostrich-like creature reminiscent of a Pokemon. The third Pal floated in midair with a dog-shaped face, and the final Pal was a long-necked mushroom creature.

The teaser video ended with the player character and their companion Cattiva standing in front of an Eastern-style shrine, suggesting that the new island may draw inspiration from Japanese culture.


With the summer update and the upcoming PVP Arena update on the horizon, Palworld players have plenty of new content to look forward to. While the exact release date of the summer update remains to be seen, players are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to explore new environments and encounter new Pals in the world of Palworld.