Palestinian aid agencies complains of fuel truck not being allowed in north Gaza by Israel officials


The Palestinian Red Crescent has tweeted to say that Israeli forces prevented a fuel truck, which was a part of the humanitarian aid convoy, from entering the northern territory of Gaza.

The fuel truck was among the convoy which included 31 other carrying food, water, and relief supplies.

During the temporary ceasefire aid groups have said that supplies have been able to reach the north of the enclave, where access had previously been denied, but that more is needed.


The Israeli forces have established control over the north of Gaza Strip. The military had been successful into dividing the enclaved territory in two parts since they began ground offensive operations.

The war began in the northern territory of the enclaved territory and it was also suggested by the Israeli authorities that Palestinians evacuate the north and move towards south, which they claimed to be safe for the civilians.

As of Friday, the Hamas controlled Gaza health of ministry had claimed that at least 14,500 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the war.