Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas say Hamas actions do not represent Palestinians, then seems to backtrack


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas critised the attack carried out by Hamas, on Sunday, but then seemingly walked the comment back, when it was removed from a report in the PA’s mouthpiece news agency WAFA.

As per a report in WAFA, Abbas had initially stated to Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro that Hamas’s policies and actions “do not represent” the people of Palestine. He added that only Palestine Liberation Organisation is a legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

However, that statement was later removed so that Hamas was no longer mentioned in the statement. The new edit now reads, PLO is “the sole legitimate representative of Palestinian people, and not the policies of any other organisation.”


The president also called upon both the sides to release the “prisoners and detainees” and reiterated his claim that the order to evacuate Gaza would result in a “second Nakba,” meaning “catastrophe.”

Earlier, on Saturday, Abbas spoke to President Joe Biden  and according to a U.S. readout, he briefed Biden regarding efforts to bring aid to Palestinian people, especially in Gaza.