Pakistan: Baloch protest enroute Islamabad after big rally in Dera Ismail Khan


The long March against the alleged Baloch genocide and disappearances started to move towards Islamabad on Wednesday after a successful stop at Dera Ismail Khan where thousands of protesters participated in the rally to raise their voices, the Balochistan Yakjehti committee said. The committee noted that the Baloch Long March against alleged Baloch genocide, illegal forced disappearance of the people, killing of missing persons by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) in Fake encounters and the activity of death squads across Balochistan, had seen widespread support.


In the rally, Pashtun nationalist leader Ali Wazir also participated in the rally and demonstration and expressed solidarity with the Baloch nation against the alleged state massacre in Balochistan. After Dera Ismail Khan, the long march has now left for Islamabad where it will join the camp of missing persons established in Islamabad and the next action plan will be announced in Islamabad, the committee said. The protest received huge support as it reached the Dera Ismail Khan area and showed its full solidarity with the ongoing struggle of the Baloch people.

Balochistan Yakjehti committee posted on X, “The historic long march received a warm welcome on arrival at Dera Ismail Khan The proud people of Dera Ismail Khan gave a warm welcome to the historic Baloch Long March against state terrorism and oppression upon reaching Dera Ismail Khan and showed full solidarity with the ongoing struggle of the Baloch people.”

Mehrang Baloch, a political worker also shared on X, “This movement reached Quetta in the form of a long march through different areas of Balochistan. And after a four-day sit-in on Saryab Road in Quetta, with families of missing persons and extrajudicially killed Baloch children, the march is now heading towards Islamabad. This march will join the ongoing Baloch Solidarity Committee sit-in in Islamabad. This is our request to the people of Islamabad to come and be a part of this movement and energize this movement for the end of Baloch genocide.”

This sit-in, featuring families of missing Baloch individuals, is part of a broader movement seeking to spotlight the issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan, The Balochistan Post reported. The Baloch Long March is being organised by the Baloch people who have called for an end to state terrorism and massacres in Balochistan. Earlier, Large crowds also gathered at Dera Gazi Khan in Balochistan as the March against Baloch genocide staged a sit-in against the arrest of several Baloch cadre as well as against the disappearance of Baloch people.

The Protestors alleged that the Baloch nation will no longer accept the process of kidnapping, killing and killing people in fake encounters.