P-Valley Season 3 Premiere Date: Will P-Valley Season 3 come in September?


Two binary states define the world. There is the centre, which enjoys the benefit of being the centre of attention, receiving all the benefits, and being well-known. Then, there is a margin or peripheral that corresponds to that centre where you just survive without the benefits for the sake of it while being unaware. These dichotomies exist between oppressed and dominating people as well as between the affluent and the impoverished in all social contexts.

Narratives succeed if they effortlessly and accurately reflect such essential depictions of the marginalised. P-Valley was one such programme that had viewers clamouring for more. Because to its popularity, the series was renewed, and now viewers are waiting to see if it will air in September on the Starz Network. Here is what we currently know.


Is P-Valley Season 3 Renewed?


The performance has begun. In October 2022, after Hall published a picture on Instagram with the message;

“I am blessed beyond measure for this opportunity to write the next chapter of P-Valley. With its complex, dynamic and beautifully flawed characters, this show is a love letter to marginalised communities in the American South who rarely see themselves reflected on screen, and it brings me immense joy to know that it has been embraced by folx worldwide. We wouldn’t be getting back up on that pony, without our fiercely devoted Pynk Posse. Y’all are our fire.”

When the show was announced to be returning shortly, the fans went into a frenzy of joy and posted it everywhere on the site.


Will P-Valley Season 3 come in September?

The television programme won’t air in September. By the beginning of 2024, the programme won’t be back, according to Katori Hall. Her message reads, “Despite rumours, due to the #WGA #WritersStrike filming on #PValley has been postponed. Like many of my fellow show runners, I feel as though my writing & producing duties are inextricably linked. We will not be filming until a fair deal is reached. #WGAStrong

She also discusses how, as a DGA and AMPTP member, talks are in progress and that, in order to achieve radical dignity, the strikes would end by 2024. The programme is consequently one of many that won’t return as a result of the WAG strike.


P-Valley Season 3 Expected Release Date

No. Even if the programme is not anticipated to return in September, we may anticipate it to be released in the first quarter of 2024. The producers would need time to shoot 10 episodes and complete post-production, but the project has still not started filming.