Ozzy Osbourne’s Revelation: Discloses Decade-Long Timeline After Spinal Surgery


The iconic rocker Ozzy Osbourne has made some candid revelations about his perspective on life and death in a recent Rolling Stone UK profile, shared by Page Six. The Black Sabbath musician openly discussed his health struggles and the limited time he feels he has left, setting a self-imposed deadline for his remaining years.

In the interview, Osbourne revealed an interaction with his wife after she caught him smoking a substance, responding, “How long do you want me to f–king live for?! At best, I’ve got 10 years left, and when you’re older, time picks up speed.” He acknowledged his acceptance of his mortality and expressed a desire to avoid a prolonged and painful existence.

The 74-year-old musician highlighted his openness to assisted suicide, referencing a pact he has with his wife. He emphasized that he doesn’t fear death but wants to avoid a drawn-out and agonizing existence, expressing admiration for the option of assisted suicide available in Switzerland for those with terminal illnesses.


Osbourne also discussed his health battles, including his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in 2003 and the subsequent surgeries, complications, and health setbacks. He described how his recent surgeries had a severe impact, leaving him struggling with balance and facing unforeseen challenges.

Reflecting on his extended life despite numerous health crises and struggles with substance abuse, Osbourne expressed bewilderment at being one of the few of his friends still alive. He shared regrets about not being able to bid farewell to his fans properly due to his health issues and expressed a desire to perform again, aiming to give his fans a proper send-off.

His wife, Sharon Osbourne, also spoke about the family’s distress over Ozzy’s health challenges, mentioning the emotional toll it has taken on them and her husband’s absence from touring, which has been a significant part of his life and career.

Osbourne briefly returned to the stage in 2022 but announced his retirement from touring due to worsening health conditions. Despite his health struggles, he expressed a deep desire to perform one last time, intending to give back to his devoted fans who have been an integral part of his journey.