Ozzy Osbourne’s Hopeful Ambition: Aiming for One Final Performance Amid Health Battles, Aiming for Contentment


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone UK, Ozzy Osbourne, known as the “Godfather of Heavy Metal,” candidly discussed his health challenges, including a tumor found in his vertebrae during a fourth spinal surgery, a procedure necessary to address the aftermath of a fall in 2019. This surgery, following previous injuries from a quad bike crash in 2003, left him with severe difficulties, including compromised balance.

Osbourne also revealed his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in 2020, marking another significant health setback. Reflecting on his condition while recuperating, he acknowledged the impact of his past lifestyle, noting the loss of friends and drinking partners to addiction-related deaths.

Expressing disbelief at being the “last man standing” among his peers, Osbourne reflected on his numerous close calls with death due to substance abuse. Despite these experiences, he stated that he doesn’t fear dying but hopes to avoid a prolonged, painful existence. His father’s battle with cancer influenced his perspective, leading him to appreciate the option of assisted dying in cases of terminal illness.


While Osbourne doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the inevitability of aging and mortality, he expressed a desire to have a chance to thank his fans before retiring from touring due to health concerns. He emphasized his goal to perform at least one last show, expressing his gratitude and bidding farewell to his devoted supporters. Whether at a significant event like Ozzfest or a smaller venue like the Roundhouse, he hopes for a final opportunity to express his appreciation for the support he’s received throughout his career.

Osbourne’s aspirations are clear: he desires a chance to bid farewell to his fans and express gratitude for the life they’ve given him. Despite health challenges, he remains determined to achieve this goal and is willing to accept the outcome, even if it means his final moments occur in the pursuit of expressing his gratitude.