Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Why He Used To PeeI In His Pants During Black Sabbath Performances!


Ozzy Osbourne recently made a candid admission on The Osbournes Podcast, revealing that he used to urinate in his pants while performing on stage. His rationale was that he was already drenched from the performance, saying, “Aw, fuck it,” and deciding to go ahead. This revelation was shared with his wife, Sharon, and their children, Jack and Kelly, during a recent episode of their family podcast. Sharon responded with sarcasm, thanking him for sharing.

Before this revelation, the Osbourne family had been discussing a pair of Queen Elizabeth’s underwear that had been put up for auction. Ozzy speculated that it was likely that such garments might have been soiled, given the demands of royal parades and processions.

While rumors of Ozzy’s on-stage urination have circulated in the rock world for years, this marks the first time he personally confirmed it. A controversial Salon article, which has since been deleted, suggested that Ozzy had bladder control issues and used the water-heavy theatrics to mask any accidents. Although this remains unverified, it is a fact that Ozzy was arrested in 1982 for public urination at the Alamo Cenotaph, although this occurred outside of his trousers.


Surprisingly, it seems that wetting oneself mid-show is not uncommon among rock stars. Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has openly admitted to a similar experience, quipping that leather pants are more forgiving than jeans when it comes to such accidents.