Overwatch 2 Unveils Exciting New Content for LE SSERAFIM Collaboration: Legendary Skin, Mode, and More!


Overwatch 2 has recently unveiled an exciting array of content for its seventh season. Among the highlights are the new Samoa Control map and a rework for Sombra. Additionally, Overwatch 2 is set to collaborate with K-pop sensation LE SSERAFIM, bringing themed content to the game.

Starting from November 1, players will have the opportunity to obtain Junkrat’s new Legendary skin, Fawksey James, possibly through challenges. This skin gives Junkrat a fresh look, featuring a new haircut, gray attire, and a beanie with pink accents. Furthermore, Overwatch 2 will introduce new Legendary skins for Tracer, D.Va, Brigette, and Kiriko, all inspired by LE SSERAFIM. These skins transform the heroes into K-pop enthusiasts, donning outfits bearing the group’s name and the title of their debut album, “Fearless.”

The collaboration also brings five dance emotes and a limited-time mode named Concert Clash. In this 3v3 mode, players engage in capture-the-flag battles while the music video for “Perfect Night” plays on screens in the arena. Moreover, LE SSERAFIM is set to perform at Blizzcon 2023, where they will present their single “Perfect Night.”


This collaboration with LE SSERAFIM is a strategic move by Blizzard, aiming to captivate the attention of K-pop fans, who are known for their dedicated support of their favorite groups. It adds an exciting dimension to Overwatch 2’s potential for future crossovers, extending the game’s reach into the music realm.